South liuzhou better is prestressed machinery co., LTD is specializing in the production of prestressed anchor, fixtures, connectors, tensioning machine, intelligent tensioning, grouting system and steel wire welding medium-sized private enterprises, was founded in 1995, is located in the emerging industrial park, south China's guangxi zhuang autonomous region, liuzhou white lotus airport in the west, the south GuiLiu highway, traffic is very convenient.

The company has registered capital of 61 million yuan and covers an area of 20 mu, with total assets of more than 100 million yuan. The production capacity of anchor gear reaches 80,000 holes per day, the annual production capacity can reach more than 20 million holes, and the annual industrial output value exceeds 100 million yuan. The company has a long - term engaged in prestressed anchor, machine tool design, development, production, tension construction and sales professional team.

For more than 20 years, the company from small to large, products, services throughout the country. Anchorage in recent years, the company in the "to achieving" railway, "wuhan-guangzhou railway passenger dedicated line", "xiang-gui railway", "" shang hangzhou railway," wide "south railway, shanghai-kunming guest expertise commercialisation of hunan section," Zheng Fu "railway, railway," zheng wan "YunGui northeast railway (guangxi), guangzhou railway freight winding outside, deep railway, Buddha guan railway and so on dozens of new railway engineering application; At the same time, "GuZhu highway in hubei province", "HangRui high-speed", "bamboo hemp high-speed", "shing chongqing expressway", sichuan province, Shanxi Province, "numerous large high speed", "HuoYong high-speed", "too fast", "dong yu expressway", the guangxi zhuang autonomous region "nanning outer ring road", "CenXing high-speed, high-speed" lung ", "jade" iron high speed "of the high speed", hunan province, "Chen ning expressway", "Long Yong high-speed", "long shao Lou high-speed", guizhou "according to finish the" " Think at high speed ", "hui highway", "never put off till tomorrow what you can all high speed", "business is high speed," guangdong province "Jiang Zhu high-speed, high-speed east new, big wide high-speed, high-speed BaoMao high-speed, chao hui, guangzhou zengcheng ShaZhuang to huadu north xing road, Buddha river highway, zhongshan longitudinal four line, from" guan 60 expressways, such as key project construction projects play a role. Users generally reflect that the product quality performance is stable, safe and reliable.

The company has established the quality management system strictly in accordance with iso9001:2008 international standards, and passed the certification and registration of China quality certification center (CQC), China railway inspection and certification center (CRCC), China communications (Beijing) transportation product certification center (CCPC) and national mine product safety mark center (MA). Products by the relevant national authority inspection department, the technical performance indicators are in line with the GB/T14370-2015 with the prestressed anchor, fixtures and connectors ", TB/T3193-2016 with the railway engineering prestressed clamp plate anchor, fixtures and connectors technical conditions ", JT/T329-2010 "highway Bridges prestressed steel strand anchor, fixtures and connectors" and the international association of prestressed concrete (FIP) published "the post-tensioned prestressing system acceptance advice" standards. In 2010, it won the title of "top ten famous and excellent brands recognized by Chinese anchor equipment quality".

The company's business objective: honesty and trustworthiness, courage to innovate, collusion development, dedication to the society.

Liuzhou southern jiazheng prestressed machinery co., LTD sincerely hope to make contributions to China's infrastructure construction with colleagues from all walks of life, national construction units, and create brilliant future together!