Speed adjustment method of hydraulic jack

 Technical    |      2018-10-17
(1) economize the speed adjustment this speed regulation method is applicable to the hydraulic system composed of the quantitative pump and the quantitative fulfillment element.

(2) the volumetric speed regulation is completed by changing the oil supply of variable pump or changing the flow rate of hydraulic motor.

(3) volume-saving speed regulation adopts variable pump oil supply and changes the flow rate of the flow person or discharge of the fulfillment element through the saving valve or speed control valve to complete the speed regulation.

The speed control circuit shall generally satisfy the following basic requirements:

1) can flexibly complete stepless speed regulation within the maximum and minimum speed range required by operating components.

2) when the load changes, the adjusted speed does not change, or only within the allowable range.

4) make every effort to be simple, safe and reliable.