How to load and unload the jack

 Industry News    |      2018-10-17
Compared with the traditional jacks, the current liliang jacks have undergone a huge upgrade, which enables users to have a more convenient experience in many aspects. From the perspective of size, products of different tonnage have different sizes, which enables us to collect them in time when we are not using them!

One thousand jins bumps picks easily hold up pressure, in real life, we will meet all kinds of pressure problems, car failed to be repair, or is in the process of building have need to be improved, the huge manpower is needed to complete the work, and now you can be rest assured of this problem, we can use force jack to help us improve the item, and there is a very convenient solve experience for everybody to introduce about jack's loading and unloading, hoping to bring help to you!

We all know that the main operation of jacks is to lift heavy weights. Before and after loading and unloading of the equipment, it is necessary to carry out loading and unloading operations. Different loading and unloading methods are also different according to the site conditions.

When the equipment enters the slope, the traction pulley group will no longer bear the force, while the sliding pulley group will gradually bear the force. At this time, the equipment moves downward by self-weight. In order to ensure the movement of the lifting jack, the sliding pulley block should be slowly and evenly released, and the rollers should be placed on both sides by special people, and some sand should be scattered on the ramp walkway to prevent the rollers from falling down.