How to use hydraulic jack

 Industry News    |      2018-10-17
1. Choose the appropriate tonnage for the work of hydraulic jacks. Remove the appropriate lowest hydraulic jacks to facilitate the minimum height, use hydraulic jacks to support the height of the heavy object under the force of the heavy weight in the gap in accordance with the ups and downs of the sleeper, and the lifting height of hydraulic jacks is greater than the sleeper thickness.

2: if you use multiple hydraulic one thousand jins bumps up same equipment should adopt hydraulic jack the same type, each hydraulic jack not less than 1.5 times the rated lifting weight 3: in to wipe clean, with hydraulic jack, should check whether parts may be sensitive, with or without damage, avoid rapid joint load rejection, in order to avoid the happening of the accident and damage of parts

4. In the use of hydraulic jacks, they should be laid flat, and the bottom pad that should not be tilted should prevent foundation side sinking or load transfer from tilting or tipping away from the hydraulic jacks. Do not use wood or steel for oil spill to avoid skid force attacks and peaceful accidents; The weight top position must be safe and solids partially resistant to damage to the equipment

5: for the use of hydraulic jacks, the first heavy object should first try to get on the local hydraulic jacks, carefully check there is no abnormality, and then continue lifting the weight

6: in the lifting weight from the time of the hydraulic jacks matting the bottom of the pillowcase insurance process, to prevent hydraulic jacks tilt or cause the piston to suddenly fall to form an accident, the weight of the separation between the sleepers and heavy objects should not exceed the thickness of the sleepers, in an emergency!

7. The lifting height of the weight must be higher than the rated weight of the hydraulic jack, and the sleeper shall be padded under the weight. The lifting height of the hydraulic jack shall be lowered, and the lifting height of the hydraulic jack shall be lowered repeatedly until the lifting height is required

8: hydraulic jacks are not millions of years support equipment. Under heavy pressure of support, the support should be increased for a long time to ensure from damage to hydraulic jacks

9. Weight lifting weight is only the weight of the hydraulic jack on the symmetry axis between one end and the hydraulic jack, the difference of flow direction of the long and heavy object and the hydraulic jack (direction of the hydraulic jack base). If the weight is used on one end of two hydraulic jacks, the direction of the base should be slightly more symmetrical by placing the weight on both sides of the symmetry axis

10: two or more hydraulic jacking jacking operations use, unified command, coordinated difference and lifting

11: hydraulic jacks are not suitable for places where corrosive gases are used at pH, not to mention outdoor sunlight and rain!